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Thank you for considering DEKRA and allowing us to provide you with information to assist you in your certification process! Please select a link below to apply for your relevant quotation:

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DEKRA proudly offers 75 years of experience in Management System Auditing and Product Certification worldwide. At DEKRA, we strive to understand your individual needs and seek to form a partnership for success. Whether your company is large or small, we are ready to help you get to the next level in certification, whether your company is just becoming certified, or your company is looking for more value from the ongoing certification process.

Ninety-eight (98%) percent of our new clients get their certification without delay because of our dual-phase certification process. It is designed to help our customers achieve certification on schedule and on budget while preserving the integrity of the audit and maximizing the learning process. DEKRA’s organizational tools and process auditing methods make for a smooth, efficient, and focused audit with no surprises.

Our certified customers find our partnership approach and working methods continually beneficial because we can ensure that the work you do to comply with required standards reinforces quality objectives and strategies set by your top management. We are committed to our customers gaining value from the certification process, not just a certificate of standards conformance.

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