Subaru of Indiana

Subaru of Indiana (SIA)

Subaru of Indiana (SIA) achieves certification to ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems standard as the first automobile company to achieve the recognition in the United States.

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June 8, 2012 - DEKRA Certification, Inc. (DCI) conducted a dual-phase certification audit of the Energy Management System (EnMS) of Subaru’s Indiana plant. Based on the audit results, DCI has issued an ANAB accredited ISO 50001 certificate to Subaru on May 28, 2012. The audit conducted by DEKRA, verifies that Subaru has implemented an Energy Management System, and that the normalized energy performance at the SIA Lafayette, IN plant improved over the baseline. “(The certification) is a culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication,” said Thomas Easterday, SIA’s executive vice president. “Over the years, Subaru has been well-known to be a leader. Right now, we’re taking an even bigger step.” DEKRA President Henri Pierre Salle, who presented top executives from Subaru SIA with the ISO 50001 certification at a gathering on June 4, 2012, said the purpose of the certification is to provide an energy management framework for companies. “A process of improvement becomes part of the everyday culture,” Salle said. “That spirit and culture already is here in the Subaru culture.”

DEKRA is the most experienced and knowledgeable expert training and certification organization in the world for the ISO 50001 standard and the U.S. DOE Superior Energy Performance certification program. These energy management standards are intended to result in sustainable improved energy performance. Our experience in value-added management system certification has helped us to position our company in this leadership position. Why is the energy important? According to UNIDO, industry is responsible “for more than one third of global primary energy consumption and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.” and that “Improving energy efficiency in industry is one of the most cost-effective measures…” Development of ISO 50001 was fully supported by UNIDO under their Industrial Energy Efficiency projects. DEKRA is positioned to meet the demands of our clients today, and in the future decades where energy management and energy related issues will be part of standard business management practice similar to today‘s quality and environmental initiatives. DEKRA is also accredited by DAkks. "This allows us to continue to offer our customers future-proof certifications in the area of energy DEKRA Certification, Inc. management and sustainability, thus giving them a decisive competitive advantage” said Mr. Lothar Weihofen, CEO of DEKRA Certification GmbH

About DEKRA Certification, Inc. (DCI):
DCI is a U.S. based accredited certification body for international management systems. The company is part of the global footprint of DEKRA Certification Group headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. DCI is a multi-accredited certification body covering all management system business line activities for North America, with a global service capacity. DEKRA offers services for ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), AS 9100c (aviation, space and defense), TL 9000 (telecommunications), SEP (Superior Energy Performance) and ISO 50001 (energy management) along with auditing services to many other management standards, including customized supplier assessments. DCI works with companies to utilize standards for greater productivity, reduced waste, larger profits, an enhanced customer experience and the growth of a continuous improvement culture. DEKRA’s experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of management system standards and a proven track record of success to help achieve the goals of any organization.

About DEKRA:
DEKRA SE is one of the world’s leading expert organisations. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries. Over 27,000 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection. The DEKRA Business Units “Automotive”, “Industrial” and “Personnel” provide professional and innovative services in the fields of vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, international claims management, consulting, industrial testing, product testing, certification, environmental protection, qualification, temporary work as well as out- and new placement. In 2011 DEKRA generated sales totalling close to 2.0 billion euros.


July 25, 2013

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Subaru of Indiana (SIA)

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