DEKRA Certification: ASRP-ISO 9001-ISO 14001 Quality Management

Advanced Surveillance and Reassessment Procedures (ASRP)

Self assessments witnessed by DEKRA

Companies that have been registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for 3 or more years can now reduce the cost, impact, and number of external third party audits performed by their ISO 9001 registrars, by taking advantage of DEKRA’s new Advanced Surveillance and Reassessment Procedures (ASRP).

With “standard” auditing processes, all audits must be performed by the registrar. ASRP allows some audits to be performed by the organization. DEKRA’s ASRP process uses a propriety maturity assessment. The DEKRA ASRP Maturity Assessment is divided into seven categories:

  1. Duration and History of Registration
  2. Performance Indicators – General
  3. Customer Requirements
  4. Regulatory Requirements
  5. Continual Improvement of QMS
  6. Internal Audit Program
  7. Management Review Processes

The DEKRA ASRP Maturity Assessment consists of three phases:

Phase 1
The organization performs self assessments using DEKRA’s proprietary ASRP Maturity Assessment tool. The assessment results in a scored report indicating system maturity for the following aspects:

  1. The company’s ability to meet customer, regulatory requirements,
  2. Use of performance indicators to identify areas for audit,
  3. Rigor and scope of the company’s internal audits, and
  4. Effectiveness of management processes for continual improvement of products, services, and processes.

Phase 2
DEKRA reviews and validates the Maturity Assessment results and conclusions reached by the organization.

Phase 3
DEKRA and the organization develop an audit plan that defines the mix of DEKRA witnessed, and delegated audits based upon the final results of the Maturity Assessment. Maturity level determines the extent that self assessment processes can be used. The Internal Audit and Quality Management Processes as well as Management Review and Corrective and Preventive Action are given greater weight and are expected to be more robust and comprehensive. The results of internal audits are used to complement Registrar activities. The organization’s auditing and review activities are expected to be equivalent to registrar activities in terms of independence, personnel competence, and integrity of results.

ASRP is applicable ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as other additional standards. 

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