Aviation, Space and Defense

Aviation, Space, and Defense

 In these industries, you need to deliver high-quality products. And you have to do this while balancing costs, regulatory requirements, and security concerns.

Whether on the production line or in the distribution channel, having good quality management systems in place reduces error, improved efficiency, and engenders trust. 

DEKRA has formed partnerships with dozens of aerospace companies, from large to small. Through our dynamic experience with aerospace companies of all scales, we have customized and streamlined the certification process into an opportunity to improve your company’s efficiency and increase profits.

Our certification approach is unique - we customize the process in every way possible, arriving at a service that meets your individual requirements. 

We offer two of the most popular aerospace certification standards:
AS 9100: Quality Management Systems in Aerospace and Aviation
AS 9120: Special focus on distribution channels and stockists in the industry

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