ATEX 114

ATEX 114

Proving that products are explosion-proof

Manufacturers of electrical (and non-electrical) products which may be used in a hazardous environment where there is a potential risk of explosion are required to display the ATEX 114 safety certification mark to gain access to the European market.

At DEKRA we’re second to none when it comes to knowledge about the market for explosion-proof products, so why not contact us to arrange to test your products against ATEX 114? Use our expertise to reduce the risks for your company and for the people who work with your products.

There are more good reasons for working with DEKRA:

  • We have offices throughout Europe
  • In addition to expertise in explosion-proof products, we have wider experience of testing electrical products
  • We can combine the ATEX 114 test with the QPS and the FM test
  • We are a Notified Body for the European ATEX Directive.

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