ATEX 114 management system

ATEX 114 Management System

Ensuring Access to European Markets

Companies that produce, import, export or assemble equipment that’s used in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion must demonstrate compliance with the most stringent explosion-proof safety criteria.

ATEX 114 Notification proves that a recognized, independent party has established that both your production process and your products meet strict mandatory explosion-proof requirements. Your DEKRA Notification – plus the DEKRA product certificate – provides this evidence.

Thanks to over 80 years of experience of testing and certification we have built up an excellent reputation worldwide. DEKRA has American, European and other international (government) recognition and joint venture agreements for testing explosion-proof safety. We know your field, the challenges you face, and we speak your language. And we can, of course, combine notification of your production process with compulsory testing of your products.

With DEKRA you’re in a good position to anticipate new developments because of our close involvement in standards committees, where we use our expertise to support legislation and regulatory procedures. We are extremely thorough and completely independent.


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