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Let DEKRA help you assess the risk of explosion in your processes

In many industrial processes there is a risk of explosion risk due to the presence of dusts/powders, gases and inflammable liquids. As the manufacturer or operator, you are required by law to assess the risk of explosion and implement adequate measures for explosion protection. To do this requires detailed knowledge of the processes and substances involved as well as of the applicable standards, legislation and EU directives.

At DEKRA we have that knowledge. We offer customised solutions to designers and operators of plants as well as manufacturers of equipment, public authorities and insurance companies. Let us evaluate explosion protection when you are planning new installations, commissioning a new plant or carrying out acceptance tests. We can also help if you intend to modify or extend existing plants. Whether you work in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, for an energy utility, the steel or automotive industry, in food or animal feed production, or waste management, we have the requisite expertise.

EU member states are required to incorporate Directive 1999/92/EC in their national legislation. Based on our detailed knowledge of the relevant regulations, we can help you produce:

  • explosion protection documents (e.g. according to Art. 8 of the Arbo-regeling of the Dutch Arbowet),
  • carry out risk assessments and hazardous area (zone) classifications,
  • evaluate existing preventive measures,
  • identify possible ignition sources, and
  • determine which measures are necessary to mitigate the harmful effects of an explosion.

We can also carry out simulations of dust and gas explosions in industrial installations and, if an explosion has occurred, we can provide an expert opinion (investigation of the causes and determination of necessary protection measures). Furthermore we can provide practical advice to ensure safe and fast re-start of the affected installation and technical assistance with litigation.

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