Electrostatic Discharge ESD S20.20 Registration Certification Program

Electrostatic Discharge - ESD S20.20

Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) damage is not always visible and it may cause occasional or premature failure of sensitive equipment and parts. An effective ESD Control Program, such as the one outlined in ESD S20-20, can help reduce quality defects and increase customer satisfaction.

What is ESD S20.20?
ESD S20.20 is an ANSI Standard that provides organizations with guidance on how to develop, implement and maintain a system to protect and handle ESD sensitive items. The SD Control Program has two main sections, Control Program Administrative Requirements and Control Program Technical Requirements

Registration to ANSI/ESD S20.20
Registration by DEKRA ensures that your ESD S20.20 system meets the intent of the standard and identifies areas for improvement. DEKRA is accredited by the Electrostatic Discharge Association’s third party certification program. An ISO 9001 Quality System compliments an ESD control program. However, your company is not required to be ISO 9001 certified to receive ESD S20.20 certification.

If your organization

  • Is using the latest semiconductor technology
  • Is using gallium arsenide semiconductors
  • Has had customer complaints due to ESD failures
  • Is a distributor or repackager that needs ESD system credibility
  • Has inconsistent implementation of ESD protocols
  • Is in need of ESD systems reliability for your global plants

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