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Explosion Safety

DEKRA offers widest scope of accreditations

If your products are likely to be used in areas where there is a risk of explosion, you must demonstrate that they comply with the applicable national directives and the international IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme. DEKRA offers the widest scope of accreditations for IECEx and ATEX product certification. Agreements worldwide, such as those with Japan, China, Brazil and North America, give you a one-stop-shop for global certification of explosion-related products and systems.

You can arrange product and systems assessment and certification as well as plant inspection and fire protection services with both of our European offices in Arnhem and Bochum. Our combined work force brings greater flexibility, delivering services fast, when and where you need them.

DEKRA is a highly respected independent Notified Body for European Directive 94/9/EC (the ATEX 114 Directive), and we are accredited as a Certification Body and Test Laboratory for the IECEx Scheme. This scheme promotes trade in equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. So, in this sense, DEKRA provides a passport to the world, certifying that your products have built-in safeguards against the risk of causing dangerous explosions.

Our services:

Ensuring plant safety is essential – DEKRA can help you make it happen. From support in devising a systematic analysis (HAZOP) and drawing up hazardous incident reports, up to conducting risk analyses and assessments of plant safety and queries about legal aspects.
Manufacturers of electrical (and non-electrical) products which may be used in a hazardous environment where there is a potential risk of explosion are required to display the ATEX 114 safety certification mark to gain access to the European market.
Companies that produce, import, export or assemble equipment that's used in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion must demonstrate compliance with the most stringent explosion-proof safety criteria.
We offer customised solutions to designers and operators of plants as well as manufacturers of equipment, public authorities and insurance companies. Let us evaluate the explosion protection according to ATEX 137.
If electrical products are intended to be used in environments where there is a potential risk of explosion and the manufacturer intends to sell these products in the USA and Canada , a FM certification mark is essential.
If products have the FM certification mark, they need to be inspected periodically. During this inspection it is determined whether products are still consistent with those for which the certificate was originally issued.
If electrical products are used in environments where there is a risk of explosion and sold in international markets, the IECEx programme opens doors for trading in these products.
If explosion-proof electrical machines need to be repaired and/or reconditioned, this should only be done by a company that can confer the R Label – i.e. a repair and/or reconditioning company that has been certified by DEKRA.
In Japan it is legally forced that the electrical equipment used in a potentially hazardous area should be approved and certified by national organization TIIS. DEKRA can provide you a good service to acquire TIIS approval.
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Explosion Safety
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