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EPEAT provides a tool for both manufacturers and buyers of ICT hardware around the world to assess the environmental impact of electronic products. Now, through a strategic partnership with EPEAT, DEKRA can serve as your EPEAT connection in Europe and China. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and support your EPEAT initiatives!

EPEAT is the definitive global registry for greener electronics. It covers the most products from the broadest range of manufacturers. It is the leading resource for finding electronic products designed to reduce environmental impact. And only EPEAT combines comprehensive environmental criteria with ongoing independent verification of manufacturer claims.

With more than 3,000 products from more than 40 manufacturers currently registered in 42 countries, EPEAT has rapidly become the most comprehensive registry of green electronics in existence.

EPEAT-registered products are designed to meet strict environmental criteria and have a lower impact than non-registered products across the product lifecycle—from fewer toxins in manufacturing to efficient operation and easier recycling.

All products on the registry must also meet the latest technical specifications of ENERGY STAR®, so your electronics are designed for energy efficiency.

Do you purchase electronics?

You can use the EPEAT registry to compare hundreds of products head-to-head on environmental performance and choose electronics based on country-specific rating and verification.

EPEAT-registered electronics have quantifiable benefits across a range of environmental factors including materials use, solid waste, emissions and recycling.

To qualify for EPEAT, products meet stringent energy efficiency requirements – enabling you to reduce power consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower your energy costs.

Use the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator to measure environmental impact and potential cost savings of your EPEAT registered purchases.

Contact DEKRA for questions in China or across Europe. Our experts can explain how EPEAT can integrate with your purchasing specifications and answer your questions.

Do you manufacture electronics?

Manufacturers of all sizes participate in EPEAT—from Fortune 50 global leaders to small regional companies. Today, all of the 10 top global computer manufacturers participate.

EPEAT was founded on the objective, rigorous IEEE-1680 standards. The environmental performance criteria in IEEE 1680.1 cover design, production, use and recycling for computer and display products. Standards for Imaging Equipment (IEEE 1680.2) and Televisions (IEEE 1680.3) will be adopted in early 2013.

Contact DEKRA for questions in China or across Europe. Our chemical and energy testing experts can explain the testing and documentation requirements to obtain EPEAT for your product, in your markets.

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