IECEx Explosion Protection

Providing access to markets around the globe

If electrical products are used in environments where there is a risk of explosion and sold in international markets, the IECEx programme opens doors for trading in these products.

IECEx is a voluntary programme based on international (IEC) standards for products that are designed to be used in environments where there is a risk of explosion. The IECEx accredited Certification Bodies accept each other’s test reports, which considerably speeds up national certification.

DEKRA is as a Certification Body and Testing Laboratory for the IECEx programme, so we can handle the complete IECEx certification process, which consists of a construction assessment and/or the testing of a sample, an initial audit of the quality assurance system in place at the production location and continuous supervision of this system. DEKRA is also a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive and has cooperation agreements with international test institutes, so your products can be sold around the world.

With the IECEx programme, you save costs related to reassessments. A relatively large number of countries do not have any national legislation concerning explosion protection, while an internationally recognized certification is requested. IECEx certification provides the solution. For example, it offers direct access to Australia and New Zeeland as well as other relatively small, national markets.

We can combine your IECEx certification with ATEX (Europe), QPS and FM (North America), CQST (China) and TIIS (Japan). Our project managers are experts in IECEx certification; they have thorough knowledge of the criteria and understand your products. We pay attention to time to market and you can involve us at an early stage in the development process. What’s more, we offer an extensive package of services for the testing and certification of processes and products, including those intended for use in non-hazardous areas.

We have branches within and outside of Europe, so you can usually arrange testing close to home and in your own language.


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