ISO50001 Company Training-Energy Management Certified ISO50001 Auditor


In-Company Training – ISO 50001 Energy Management

*All training courses will include a field experienced and certified ISO 50001 auditor*


DEKRA Certification courses can be delivered as private, in-company training at the location of your choice.

In-company training provides companies the option to use company facilities for hands on experience with an instructor. For example, courses can be tailored to different technical levels reflecting the audience mix (e.g., Managers, Engineers, or Operators). Clients can provide company-specific or site-specific training content, such as specific company practices or process examples, to be added to the course to complement DEKRA course content and used for practical exercises. In-company course delivery is also a cost-effective method of training multiple employees and can be scheduled to accommodate participants’ availability.

Recent example of in-company delivery include:

  • Internal auditing courses delivered in the U.S., for a major automotive manufacturing company.

Whether you are an individual needing to develop your expertise on ISO 50001 and Energy Management or a company that requires a comprehensive program of Energy Management training for management, engineers, operators, maintenance, or other plant staff, the DEKRA Academy will deliver a customized training solution to meet your needs.


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