ISO 14001 Certification - Environmental Quality Management Certificate

ISO 14001: Environmental Quality Management

Improve efficiency, increase profits and assure environmentally sound practices

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management regarding environmental concerns. DEKRA has transformed the ISO 14001 certification process into an opportunity for you to improve your company’s efficiency, increase profits and most importantly assure environmentally sound practices. In our unique approach to quality certification, we customize the process in every possible way, providing a service that meets your individual requirements. With this focus in mind, our ISO auditors uncover ways to benefit you. 

Companies certified to ISO 14001 have seen the following benefits:

  • Better coordination of environmental activities across locations.  
    • Sharing of best practices becomes easier
    • Framework for communicating and understanding the overall vision
  • Mechanism for balancing environmental improvement with operational profitability
    • Doing the right thing, but also not losing money doing it
  • Effective tool for identifying cost savings opportunities.
    • Less waste = less cost to get rid of the waste
  • Improved image
    • Showing a commitment to the planet and sustainability is important for any global company
  • Risk reduction
    • Proactively addressing environmental issues prevents the likelihood of  detrimental situations from arising
    • Improved performance for meeting regulatory requirements 

Why DEKRA Certification?

  • Track record of performing thousands of audits globally
  • Global brand recognition
  • Globally and regionally recognized accreditation by national bodies (ANAB, RvA, and Dakks). 

Actual quotes from certified companies:

  • "While we already had robust environmental programs in place, organizing them under a management system framework has brought consistency in expectations and performance across our global portfolio.
  • “We have brought all our locations up to common minimum corporate requirements regardless of the degree of sophistication of different geographic regulatory frameworks.”
  • “The regular, structured regular internal and external verification of our management system performance lends credibility and facilitates our alignment to other voluntary commitments such as the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct.


DEKRA is a leader in the environmental quality management systems industry. We have demonstrated our interest in this through our involvement in the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) pilot program. We have started working hand in hand with the NBP in effort to address important environmental concerns in our country. When partnering with us, our focus is your success in the context of ISO 140001 conformance. To customize our ISO Certification Services, we align our ISO Internal Audit plan with your business goals. By doing so, we assist you in achieving your quality management objectives.

Our experienced team is prepared to discuss your certification needs with you and contribute valuable insight through management system assessments. Contact us today and discover the difference DEKRA can make for you. 

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