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ISO 50001: Energy Management

Energy management systems efficiency with DEKRA ISO 50001

Industrial companies value third-party verification

“External verification and validation is critical. Certification adds to the confidence in calculations and savings.” — Nissan, Smyrna, TN

“The verification was more important than the management standard because it provides a performance metric. SEP provides the ability to have proven performance metrics to quantify actual savings, giving both internal and external credibility to savings claims.” — Volvo Trucks, Dublin, VA

“Third-party certification removes any potential of “green washing” and provides credibility to savings.” — General Dynamics, Scranton, PA

“At first, we didn’t appreciate the value of third party verification, but our facility has evolved to value third party verification as critical. Any facility can claim energy savings, but a third party verification proves the savings to be real.” — Schneider Electric, Smyrna, TN

ISO 50001 standard was published June 15, 2011. ISO 50001 will be the energy management standard for industrial plants and commercial organizations that need a clear and comprehensive program for developing an energy management plan.

  • ISO 50001 promises to help your business:
  • Reduce energy related operational costs
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
  • Support energy conservation
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve use of energy assets
  • Refine energy procurement practices

The proper application of ISO 50001 will ensure your company implements best energy management practices with a clear picture for future improvements. However, it can be difficult to knowing how the new standard will best fit your business model. That’s why you need an auditor with experience in energy management certification, a trusted name, and auditors who can understand the specific needs of your business.

DEKRA 50001 certification
DEKRA is at the forefront of energy management certification. With 85 years experience in auditing and certification, expertise in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and MSE 2000, a global presence, and certification experts with experience in virtually every field, DEKRA can provide a set of assessment tools to give your business the most complete picture when it comes to energy management systems efficiency.

ISO 50001 was released June 15, 2011, and DEKRA is ready to show you how this new standard can help your business. We can assist you in preparing for ISO 50001, help you understand the requirements for adhering to ISO 50001, and help you estimate your costs for converting to the new standard.

Beyond ISO 50001
Do you want to go beyond merely applying best practice energy management practices, and do you want to take the next step with the addition of an energy performance verification? As the first certification body accredited for the Superior Energy Performance Program, DEKRA can guide you towards meeting the ISO 50001 and SEP plus energy performance standards.

Watch this informative video, created by ISO, about the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard:



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