ISO 50001 Energy Management Training Courses - DEKRA Certification


ISO 50001 Energy Management Training Courses / Schedule

*All training courses will include a field experienced and certified ISO 50001



DEKRA is the first ANSI accredited verification body for Superior Energy Performance, and

DEKRA is the first ANAB accredited certification body for ISO 50001.


The ultimate objective of our training courses is to provide understanding through the effective transfer of knowledge. Each training course will have an auditor experienced in conducting ISO 50001 and/or Superior Energy Performance audits. DEKRA Certification has designed its courses to achieve this objective through the use of multiple-media and delivery methods, including:

  • Instructor-led content presentation (using PowerPoint slides)
  • Open question-and-discussion forum
  • Trainee participation through case studies and role-playing exercises
  • Course Evaluation Feedback forms
  • Certificates of achievement

This design helps ensure a diverse, engaging and effective learning experience through the use of auditory, visual and tactile based instruction. Practical training tailored to your needs.

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