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ISO 9001: Quality Systems Management

More confidence, improved processes, and lower costs

Do you want to convert separate operations, procedures, and functions into a cohesive process? Would you like to ensure that you're satisfying your client's requirements, while lowering production costs? Do you think your service should be structurally better?

A quality system based on ISO 9001, the world's most recognized standard, makes all this possible. ISO 9001 improves efficiency throughout the entire organization.  

The ISO 9001:2015 standard ensures quality is not a coincidence. As one of the first Certification Bodies accredited to the new ISO 9001:2015 revision,  DEKRA's audits focus your attention and keep your quality management system up to standard. A DEKRA certification allows you to demonstrate to future and current customers that you will consistently meet their expectations.

Why a DEKRA certificate?

  • DEKRA has a global reputation as one of the most experienced certification organizations in US and Europe.
  • DEKRA has offices around the world with knowledge of your local market and specific line of business. Our auditors are highly experienced and typically speak your national language.
  • We believe in harmonized international procedures - our auditing schemes or reports in the U.S. do not differ from those in Europe.
  • Our focus is your process; our objective is for more efficiency and a reduction of costs resulting from decreased product waste and inefficiencies.
  • As we work diligently towards continuous performance improvement, we never lose sight of your customers; we believe it's critical that you maintain your positive customer relationships.
  •  Our audits are transparent - we involve you in each step of our relationship. We always discuss the content of our objective findings with you.


§  DEKRA also offers you the option of combining the certification of management systems. For instance, it's possible to combine the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System with an Environmental Management System

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