DEKRA Quality Management System Certification: ISO 9001- ISO 50001

Management System Certification

With effective management, the world is your oyster

Looking to win new customers while continuously improving your company’s performance? Then leverage the benefits of a DEKRA system certification. Prove the quality of your products and show your credentials in the area of environmental protection. We will support you from the very beginning so you can optimise your processes, reduce your costs and sustainably enhance your market success.

A quality system based on ISO 9001 improves the efficiency on the shop floor and ensures less product waste at the end of your process.
DEKRA understands the aerospace industry's unique needs. That is why we have finetuned the AS9100 and AS9120 certification processes into an opportunity for you to improve your company's efficiency and increase profits.
Improve your company's efficiency, increase profits and assure environmentally sound practices with a DEKRA ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Management Certificate.
An efficient data protection and security system requires the consistent implementation and monitoring of all processes in line with the international standard ISO 27001. DEKRA can help you comply.
DEKRA can assist you in preparing for the new Energy Management standard ISO 50001, help you understand the requirements, and help you estimate your costs for converting to the new standard.
As the first certification body accredited by ANSI to handle the Superior Energy Performance® Program, DEKRA has the tools, experience, and expertise to guide your business through this emerging standard.
TL9000 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management for the telecommunications industry. DEKRA has transformed the certification process into an opportunity for you to improve your company's efficiency.
At DEKRA we offer a range of assessment services related to compliance with the IT service management standard, ISO 20000.
DEKRA certifies leading suppliers in Europe, Asia and the USA, and has expertise in IATF 16949 and the transition from TS, as well as of the individual requirements set forth by major manufacturers.
DEKRA certifies leading suppliers in Europe, Asia and the USA and has experience of ISO/TS 16949 as well as of the individual requirements set by major manufacturers.
Are you looking to reduce costs by facilitating water more efficiently throughout your entire production process?
DEKRA audits to OHSAS 18001 - the internationally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems - so that it provides business value as well as meeting the laws and regulations.
DEKRA is at the forefront of developing standards and assessing business practices for companies seeking sustainability. We can assist you in your transition to sustainability.
DEKRA is accredited by the Electrostatic Discharge Association's third party certification program. Registration by DEKRA ensures that your ESD S20.20 system meets the intent of the standard and identifies improvement areas.
Have you been registered to ISO 9001 and 14001 for at least 3 years? You can now reduce the cost, impact, and number of external audits by taking advantage of DEKRA's new Advanced Surveillance and Reassessment Procedures.