DEKRA Certified EMS Auditing-NBP National Biosolids EMS Program Auditor

National Biosolids (EMS Auditing)

Systematic approach for continually improving biosolids activities

DEKRA is proud to be participating as a Third Party Audit Company in the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) Biosolids EMS Program. That program is intended to help wastewater treatment agencies establish a systematic approach for continually improving their biosolids activities. DEKRA's role is to verify that an agency’s quality management system meets the National Biosolids Partnership’s expectations and requirements. Since 2003 we have audited and verified agencies throughout the USA in true partnership with NBP.

DEKRA's biosolids auditors include highly skilled professionals familiar with quality management and experienced in wastewater treatment operations. We have received many compliments from both NBP for the professionalism of our audits and wastewater treatment agencies for the help that our audits provided in continually improving their biosolids management system.

How the NBP EMS Program Benefited Orange County Utilities in Orlando, FL
County Utilities (OCU) EMS celebration was held on March 4 in Orlando, FL and included attendance by new NBP chair Dick Lanyon, WEF President Adam Zabinski, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection Director Vivian Garfein. As part of the ceremony, the NBP certification plaque and flag were presented to the Orange County Mayor (Hon. Richard T. Crotty) and City Council. Orange County Utilities is the 19th wastewater agency in the U.S. to be certified by NBP. Orange County Utilities biosolids EMS was independently verified on November 30, 2007 by the audit firm, DEKRA. For OCU, the most significant benefits of the NBP EMS program development and implementation process include: increased public participation, standardization of operational practices, capturing the knowledge of senior operators, increased awareness of biosolids internally, improved coordination with contractors, increased training opportunities and identification of long term operational.


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