Nissan SEP and ISO 50001 Certification

Nissan North America SEP and ISO 50001 Certified

SEP and ISO 50001 Certified at Smyrna, TN Plant


DEKRA Certification, Inc. (DCI) conducted a dual-phase certification audit of the Energy Management System (EnMS) of Nissan North America Smyrna, TN plant.  Based on the audit results, DCI has issued a Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certificate, which includes ISO 50001 for energy management systems.  Nissan North America achieved the silver level of SEP certification by improving energy performance by more than 5 percent during the three-year period after establishing an energy baseline.  The audit conducted by DEKRA, the only verification body accredited by ANSI for SEP certification, verifies that Nissan has implemented an energy management system, and that the normalized energy performance at the Smyrna, TN plant improved over the baseline.  

"Nissan is proud to have certified our Smyrna plant to the new international standard for energy management and to superior energy performance," said Bill Krueger, Vice Chairman, Nissan Americas. "We are committed to increase energy efficiency as we reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing the highest quality vehicles sold in North America. These efforts align with our global strategies of zero-emission leadership and corporate social responsibility to employees, stakeholders and customers."

Superior Energy Performance is a certification program that provides industrial facilities and commercial buildings with a roadmap for achieving continual improvement in energy efficiency while maintaining competitiveness. To encourage broad participation by U.S. industry, Superior Energy Performance offers a tiered approach to demonstrating energy performance improvement.

A central element of Superior Energy Performance is implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management standard, with additional requirements to achieve and document energy performance improvements. The program provides a framework for fostering energy efficiency at the plant level and a methodology for measuring and validating energy efficiency/performance improvements.


August 22, 2012

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Nissan SEP and ISO 50001 Certification

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