Plant Safety

Plant safety

Let DEKRA deal with the risks

Assessing the safety of industrial equipment, including the processes and substances used, presents a huge challenge to plant operators. Legal requirements, restrictions resulting from approval processes, internal requirements and potential hazards to employees and the environment make this a potential minefield. At DEKRA we have the necessary expertise to handle all of these difficult issues.

We can support you with the following key actions:

  1. Devising a systematic analysis (HAZOP)
  2. Devising and auditing safety statements and reports that comply with the Hazardous Incident Ordinance, when applying for approval in terms of the requirements of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and German building regulations, or when applying for permits that demonstrate compliance with Occupational Safety regulations (BetrSichV for Germany and the Dutch Arbowet for the Netherlands).
  3. Conducting risk analyses and assessments of plant safety (e.g. using the ETH Zürich method).
  4. Drafting safety guidelines and assessing the safe storage of hazardous substances and preparations.
  5. Drawing up hazardous incident reports.
  6. Assessing the safety-relevant properties of materials, substances and interactions.
  7. Advising on the safe design of chemical plants.

Our experts can also deal with queries about legal aspects of Immission Control and Hazardous Incidents according to § 29a and legal aspects of explosion protection according to §§ 14, 15 as well as Annex 4 No. 3.8 of BetrSichV (for Germany only). Ensuring plant safety is essential – DEKRA can help you make it happen.

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