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Process Safety

Your safety, our business

Discover today’s benefits of the DEKRA Certification Group and Chilworth Global combination with extended expertise regarding explosion and process safety related concerns. Let us help you to reduce risks in your production environment, improve overall process quality, efficiency and performance.

Over the past three decades, Chilworth Global has made your safety our business. Originally established to offer a reliable testing and consulting resource for the process industries. Chilworth Global has grown steadily in capability and has become the leading expert in process safety globally.

Process safety management
Whatever your company size or complexity of operations, our combined global experience makes it highly likely that we can improve your systems and optimise performance. Whether implementing your first safety management system, bringing current procedures up-to-date or looking to expand your infrastructure, we will help you get the best from your people and processes. Our offering comprises Design Process Safety Management systems, Assess & correct deficient systems and Improvement of Process Safety Management practices.

Process safety consulting
Process Safety Engineering requires a wide range of specialised skills and competencies. Chilworth Global has over 3 decades of experience in providing expert solutions, delivered via our specialist regional and global teams.

Whatever your Process Safety needs, we have the technical skills and breadth of experience to support your business. Whether you are carrying out a safety review, implementing safety audits or ensuring compliance with standards or regulations, we have the up-to-date resources and skills to complete the task. And if you require help with problem solving or incident investigation, you can rely on impartial advice and support from our experienced team whenever you need it. Our Process Safety Engineering services include: Safety Studies, Audits and Assessments, Call-off Support, Benchmarking, Incident Investigation and Regulatory Compliance (ATEX, SEVESO, OSHA).

Process safety training
Chilworth Global has established the Process Safety Academy, created to deliver knowledge to the standards that reflect our authority in Process Safety. We offer a range of structured courses, taught by our team of leading experts, which train, educate and develop skills for a range of audiences, including, Individual training, Team training, Company-wide training to a consistent standard, Global group training to a consistent corporate standard.

Laboratory testing
Good Process Safety practice demands a thorough understanding of the hazardous physical and chemical properties of materials you process. You will need to know the fire and explosion properties of powders, understand the reaction characteristics of a chemical process or you simply need test data to meet regulatory requirements. Whatever your process safety needs Chilworth Global can manage your entire materials testing requirements, offering a turnkey service that not only collects data through rigorous experimentation and testing but also interprets and reports the results. For our partnership programme clients we also offer access to our Internet collaborative environment to share data with their colleagues world-wide.

Our global network of test facilities gives your business full access to cutting-edge equipment and dedicated laboratory test teams. We offer more than 300 standard test procedures, as well as the research capability to conduct unusual or complex customised testing.

The result is an expert and trusted service that not only delivers quality controlled results (GLP & ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories available), but removes the pressure on resource and maintaining compliance standards associated with in-house testing.

A range of supporting services for the Process Industry is available to you:
Process Safety Laboratory services and JCI Electrostatics Equipment, Project Engineering for Chemical Plant; E.g. Scoping, feasibility, basic and detailed engineering, commissioning and hand-over services, Electrostatic Testing & Consulting, Electrostatic Hazards, application R&D and solving electrostatic problems for industry, Fire Testing & Engineering, Fire protection engineering, modelling, materials testing and Energetic Materials Assessment; Testing and consulting for propellants, pyrotechnics and explosives.


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