Product testing

Product testing

Access to worldwide markets via DEKRA

Are you interested in improving your production process and minimizing risks? At DEKRA we provide technical support, testing and certification throughout the product life cycle. In the design phase we can assess whether your prototypes are up to standard.

Later, our test reports and certificates – which demonstrate that your products actually do comply with international safety standards – help you qualify for national certification marks, giving you access to markets around the world.

Basically, you decide what is an acceptable level of risk for a particular product or component and let us verify it for you. Testing your products in a timely manner can confer considerable competitive advantage.

CB certification issued by DEKRA demonstrates that your electrical products comply with IEC standards, opening doors for your company worldwide. The CB certificate schedule is the only global system that mutually recognizes the test results of the affiliated testing agencies. A request for CB certification can easily be combined with KEMA-KEUR, allowing one-time testing.
The CE symbol demonstrates your commitment to compliance with relevant European safety directives. DEKRA acts as a Notified, Competent or Certification Body. You can engage us for voluntary tests as well as periodical reviews of your products.
DEKRA's CCA test report covers virtually all electrical equipment and components that are sold on the European markets. We offer you the opportunity to combine KEMA-KEUR with a CCA certification so that affiliated European testing organizations will accept your test results. If you already have CCA certification, you can apply for KEMA-KEUR without retesting.
In a type test a product is subjected to a complete sequence of tests, which are described in detail in a standard.
Many product standards require a degree of dust and water tightness in electrical equipment and housings, laid down in the IP NEMA classification. At DEKRA we have facilities that are unique in Europe for testing equipment of all sizes.
As part of CE certification active medical devices must comply with IEC 60601 before they are allowed on the European market. At DEKRA we have laboratories located on different continents where these tests can be conducted.
We measure a wide range of light sources according to official mandatory standards or to other standards at your request. We can test the performance aspects of a wide range of products from solid-state lighting (LED light sources and luminaires) to incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lamps
Vehicle lighting must comply with the relevant standards. These are ECE Regulations and EC Directives in Europe and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108 is applicable in the USA. DEKRA E-mark approval demonstrates unequivocally that they do.
For some products such as refrigerators and freezers this labeling is mandatory. DEKRA can support you with independent testing of energy consumption, storage temperature, storage volume, freezing capacity and rising time according to international standards.