R Label

R Label

Providing assurance in environments with a risk of explosion

Rotating electrical machines are often used in situations where there is a danger of explosion. If explosion-proof electrical machines need to be repaired and/or reconditioned, this should only be done by a company that can confer the R Label – i.e. a repair and/or reconditioning company that has been certified by DEKRA.

DEKRA is an international certification house with knowledge of the components that are used in conditions where there is a risk of explosion. Any organization certified by DEKRA demonstrates that it works in accordance with the prevailing standards. Then an R Label may be affixed to the repaired and/or reconditioned rotating electrical machine that has been designed to be explosion-proof. This makes it clear to everyone that the machine still complies with the original criteria of the type test certificate (ATEX).

The EU has designated DEKRA as a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive. We have the knowledge, expertise, and independent position necessary to act as a certifying organization in this specialized market. We have been intensively involved since 1992 in setting up safety directives that protect electrical equipment from explosion.

Certified repair and reconditioning companies work at least as meticulously as the manufacturer and often faster. Certified companies are audited annually.

A repaired and/or reconditioned explosion-proof electrical machine that’s equipped with an R Label provides assurance to maintenance staff, your customer, and yourself. That’s why major players in the petrochemical industry insist that electrical machines that have been built to be explosion-proof and which have been repaired and/or reconditioned carry the R Label. With inspections, audits, and in the case of incidents, you’re in a strong position if you work with repaired and/or reconditioned rotating electrical machines that are maintained by a certified company.

We keep up to date with the latest developments in European standards. As a Notified Body, we grant CE for new equipment according to the ATEX Directive and when an R Label is put on such equipment at a later date, it once again demonstrates compliance with this directive.


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