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Superior Energy Performance® Program (SEP)

A pioneering effort which includes the ISO 50001 standard

The cost of energy continues to rise. Global industrial growth and emerging economies are creating additional demands to an already stressed energy supply chain. We are in a time of unprecedented growth for developing countries and that means even more demand for energy. This increase in energy demand and the resulting cost increase have lead some to suggest that the cost of energy is the biggest threat to success in the global marketplace.

Businesses need a strategy for improving energy efficiency to reduce costs and remain competitive. The Superior Energy Performance® Program was created to address these concerns. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), the Superior Energy Performance® Program (SEP) as initiated by the U.S. Council on Energy-Efficient Manufacturing (U.S. CEEM), is a program, which “aims to provide industrial plants with a road map for achieving continual improvement in energy efficiency while maintaining competitiveness. (Neiman, 2010)”. SEP is part of the Save Energy Now LEADER initiative introduced by the U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Technologies Program to foster a reduction in industrial energy intensity over the next decade.

The Superior Energy Performance® Program promises to help business reduce costs, increase profits, and remain competitive by addressing the energy consumption issues that threaten many businesses in today’s marketplace.

Independent verification
U.S. CEEM included a requirement for third-party certification as part of the SEP program. Independent verification objectively reveals when a business is truly achieving internal goals and meeting industry standards. Independent verification enables a business to see what it is doing right and where it needs to improve in way that brings objectivity to even the subjective variables. Independent verification improves your business by allowing you to: 

  • Compare your processes against internal goals and industry standards.
  • Validate your claims and back those claims with data.
  • Show benefits to internal and external stakeholders
  • Objectively show improvement.
  • Enhance the credibility of your corporate reports and press releases.

It has become increasingly important to have independent verification of your claims, especially when dealing with the Public Utilities Commission, the formal bidding process, or public relations. When it comes to Superior Energy Performance, DEKRA takes your independent verification to the next level.

Superior Energy Performance® Program (SEP)
DEKRA, formerly KEMA Registered Quality, is the first certification body accredited by ANSI for the Superior Energy Performance® Program. DEKRA worked closely with ANSI and Georgia Tech University to initiate the Texas Pilot, the first program to conduct audits to an energy management system standard (ANSI MSE 2000 or ISO 50001) with the addition of validation to an energy performance requirement (Energy Intensity Measurement and Verification Protocol). By combining our 85 years experience in auditing and certification with the results of the Texas Pilot, DEKRA has created an audit program at the forefront of SEP auditing with an energy performance requirement. We have integrated our knowledge and experience with ISO 9001 and 14001 and applied that to the new standards of ISO 50001 and SEP to provide a set of assessment tools that can give your business the most complete picture when it comes to energy performance and management systems efficiency.

DEKRA accredited for Superior Energy Performance® Program certification
DEKRA is at the forefront of Superior Energy Performance® Program certification. As the first certification body accredited by ANSI to handle the Superior Energy Program, DEKRA has the tools, the experience, and the expertise to guide your business through this emerging standard. With a global reputation, knowledge of your industry, and a modifiable auditing program tailored to the unique needs of your business, DEKRA is ready to help your business transition lower costs and improve energy efficiency.

DEKRA Issued First 5 SEP certificates:

  • DOW Chemical
  • DOW Chemical - Oxygenated
  • Owens Corning
  • Cook Composites and Polymers
  • Freescale Semiconductor

Information and Response to Superior Energy Performance®

  • Cook Composites Case Study
  • Owens Corning Testimonial 

Should you wish to issue a complaint or appeal, DEKRA has documented procedures on doing both, please feel free to contact us about either situation.

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