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DEKRA Sustainability Program

Sustainability is everywhere in the media these days. The media lauds businesses that focus on sustainability and regularly criticize business that do not. Business-to-business programs increasingly give preference to businesses that promote sustainability. The public is clamoring for sustainability in everything from public utilities to computer manufacturers to coffee houses to retail stores. Sustainability would seem to be the buzzword for business practices in the near future.

But what is sustainability? Despite the focus on sustainability in the media and the global marketplace, as of yet there is not a well-defined standard for sustainability as a business practice. Businesses wanting to include sustainable practices find a confusing landscape where the objectives are not defined and the results are unclear. Businesses wonder: is it just about saving energy? Is it about using more expensive materials? Is it about sourcing from certain countries or companies that claim to implement green business practices? Will it affect the bottom line? Will it improve performance? Is it worth the cost of the necessary improvements?

Sustainability is emerging as the new paradigm for best business practices, covering everything from energy efficiency, water use, and waste management to social justice and corporate giving. Each company has to define sustainability according to its vision and most desirable operating parameters.

Sustainability is not limited to one area or aspect of your business. What you need is a company with the expertise and experience to assess your entire operation to give you an accurate and applicable assessment regarding how your company can achieve its goals of sustainability and superior performance.

DEKRA Sustainability
DEKRA is at the forefront of developing standards and assessing business practices for companies seeking sustainability. DEKRA has the tools, the people, and the experience to help your business achieve environmental targets while minimizing costs and maximizing energy efficiency towards the end goal of optimizing performance and profitability.

DEKRA can assist in your transition to sustainability with audits conducted by experts who have real-world experience in your field and a well-documented history of auditing and certification. By applying our experience with ISO 9001 and / or ISO 14001, our knowledge of MSE 2000, our efforts in rolling out ISO 50001 and our global network of industry experts, DEKRA is prepared to answer how sustainability assessments can help your business.

So what does sustainability mean for my business?
Certified sustainability can effect decisions made by your potential investors, business-to-business partners, and boards overseeing the bidding process. Investors, government programs, business-to-business operations, the media, and the public are increasingly focusing their dollars on companies that not only fill a need, but also fulfill their responsibilities to the environment.

Most companies are just starting on the path to sustainability. However, it is projected that within 5 years it will be an expected business practice. In order to succeed in this new marketplace a business will require independent verification of sustainability claims as well as a thorough assessment of how its processes measure up against the latest standards.

DEKRA can assist your business in applying the latest best-practice standards by providing the in-depth knowledge and real-world experience in your field to help your business in achieving sustainability.

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