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TL 9000: Quality Management - Telecommunications

Improve your company's efficiency and increase profits

TL9000 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management for the telecommunications industry. DEKRA has transformed the TL9000 certification process into an opportunity for you to improve your company’s efficiency and increase profits. With our unique approach to certification, we customize the process in every possible way, providing a service that meets your individual requirements. With this as our focus, DEKRA auditors uncover ways to benefit you.

DEKRA is highly involved in the telecommunications industry, enabling us to keep our clients abreast of the latest requirements. Our involvement allows us to offer a complex service to clients with intricate requirements. Some of the world's largest telecommunication companies have found success with a partnership with DEKRA.

Our experienced team is prepared to discuss your certification needs with you and contribute valuable insight through quality management system assessments.

The Importance of TL 9000 to Service Provider Purchasing
"Verizon's Supply Chain Services is a customer-focused organization that uses best-in-class processes to create a competitive advantage for Verizon. We consider TL 9000 to be a "best-in-class" performance assurance system. Through continuous improvement, strategic partnerships, and high standards for supplier performance, we deliver the equipment and services Verizon needs to maintain industry leadership and create value for our customers and shareholders. Verizon requires its key network suppliers to be certified to TL 9000 and to ensure their supply chain is compliant to TL 9000. This helps to give us the assurance we seek that our strategic suppliers focus on quality and are capable of providing products and services that will meet our requirements. It has been our experience that suppliers committed to tracking and analyzing performance metric data associated with TL 9000 requirements respond more effectively to our needs."
Tanya Penny, VP, Sourcing and Procure, to Pay Verizon

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