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Water Management

Advantage to your company and society

Are you looking to reduce costs by facilitating water more efficiently throughout your entire production process? Have you already implemented an ISO 14001 system and want to now take the next step in your ecological and sustainability growth as a company?

If you answered yes,  DEKRA can help by assessing the Water Footprint of your products, processes, or organization as a whole based on ISO 14046. ISO 14046 allows you to save money and present your company’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.

If you’re water utility and want to:

  • Mitigate or prevent risk through having a crisis management plan in place
  • Effectively communicate with the public and further authorities concerned during routine operations
  • Evaluate your emergency processes for crisis situation

DEKRA can assist you through evaluation to ISO 11830 to help prevent or minimize risk by implementing best practices.

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