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Why choose DEKRA

DEKRA: A global leader in certification and accreditation

Aren’t all certification bodies and auditors the same? Don’t they all use the same approach and standards? What makes one certification company better than another? Why pick one over the other? Your business is unique…..And so is ours! Your managers and employees have specialized experience in specific fields. They have their own specialized experience and expertise necessary to making your business work in its particular way. So why would you expect less from a company you hire to assess the quality of your management system and to evaluate your business processes?

Many assessment companies have you fill out a questionnaire to be reviewed by accountants who compile the data and provide their conclusions. This is fine if you’re being evaluated for accounting. But what if you’re in the field of energy production, manufacturing, technology, medical, or telecommunications? Wouldn’t you want auditors who were experts in your field? Wouldn’t you want auditors who had the expertise and experience to understand the unique needs of your business, auditors who could tailor their audit to provide the fullest possible picture of your unique business? And finally, meeting your needs and expectations for value beyond a conformance audit should be a fundamental philosophy, built into the service of your certification body.

The DEKRA difference
That’s the DEKRA difference: expertise and experience in your field, and a constant drive for service value and the working methods and tools to make it happen. The DEKRA difference is in our approach to the assessment and certification process. We know your business is more than just a spreadsheet filled with yes or no answers. DEKRA utilizes a global network of experts who know how to ask the right questions and how to apply the answers and how to create useful business value from an audit.

Because the DEKRA team includes experts in your field and a best-in-class record of developing value for customers, we’re able to modify our certification program to match your organization’s management style and integrate your goals into our audit. DEKRA maintains our position as a leader in certification through our direct participation with ANSI, ANAB, advisory and accreditation councils, ISO TAG Committees, the QUEST Forum, the IAAR, and the IAF. We are currently working to help define and implement the standardization for sustainability.

DEKRA certification and assessment programs
With the recent integration of KEMA Registered Quality, DEKRA has established itself as a global leader in ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certification. DEKRA certification ensures greater productivity, reduced waste, and an improved customer experience.We assist you in reaching your goals for continuous improvement at all levels of your operation through our transparent and consistent auditing methods. With our experience in ISO 9001 and 14001 certification we can integrate both standards in your audit so your company can become more efficient, increase profits, and meet the environmental standards that are becoming a major focus in today’s marketplace.

With DEKRA as your partner you have the information you need to succeed. In addition to ISO 9001 and 14001, DEKRA also provides certification and assessment to many other standards. DEKRA also certifies to ISO 20000 (IT Service Management System), ISO 27001 (Information security management systems — Requirements), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management Systems), and Green House Gas Verification [a V/V Body for ISO 14064]. 

Additionally, DEKRA is leading the way in the certification and accreditation of Superior Energy Performance plus energy validation, having implemented the first program to conduct audits to an energy management system standard (ANSI MSE 2000 or ISO 50001) with the addition of validation to an energy performance requirement (Energy Intensity Measurement and Verification Protocol). DEKRA has the tools, the people, and the experience to meet all of your certification and accreditation needs.

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